Putting the FUN in funky photos… What do you do that you only do because it’s fun? Better yet, do you think as adults we can still do something just because it’s fun? Well, I think we can and so I do! My FUN comes out in different shapes and sizes, but today I want […]

Rise and SHINE!

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, like a lot, and maybe that’s not the healthiest of habits, but it definitely keeps me up to speed on what’s trending. Lately, there has been plenty of emphasis and a huge spike in the growth of the hashtag #morningroutine, which brings me to the realization that […]

How Can a Right Brainer Pave Their Way?

Feeling confident and driven is a full-time job. Some days I am totally invigorated, I have clear direction and a perfectly drawn out roadmap for my life and then the next day I wake up and suddenly my map is blank. Consistently believing in my plan and my purpose does not come naturally to me. […]