The Swan Thieves – A Review

Apparently, all of the books that I read came out FOREVER ago. Probably because I typically only buy them second hand (unless it’s Harry Potter obvi). Hopefully you don’t mind severely outdated reviews! I’ve just never really been one to follow new releases, and also, I’m a bit cheap! Today I’m discussing The Swan Thieves, never […]


Book Review Here’s the thing – I very much want this blog to be positive, constructive, and helpful, but I can’t sacrifice honesty for positivity. That’s my little disclaimer prior to saying… what the fk did I just read?! I honestly am at a loss for words as to how I should process this novel. […]

Why I’ll Never Stop Learning

Why I’ll Never Stop Learning Apart from being addicted to books and Adidas sneakers, I’ve discovered that I’m addicted to learning. It’s not really about collecting credentials, although I am SUPER proud of my university degrees, it’s more about being curious. My recent Google searches include, but are not limited to: how to screen print […]