Putting the FUN in funky photos…

What do you do that you only do because it’s fun? Better yet, do you think as adults we can still do something just because it’s fun? Well, I think we can and so I do! My FUN comes out in different shapes and sizes, but today I want to talk about the funky photos I’ve been posting on Instagram…

There are a lot of communities on Instagram. Some are sports focused, some are beauty related, some are fitness inspired, some are art, and then there’s this little niche that calls themselves the “Creative Folk” and they just like to make cool photos that might inspire. I have a mixture of these communities on my feed, but the ones that tend to stimulate me the most are the creative folk. 

Some of my favourite accounts in this genre include @allthatisshe@frombeewithlove@kutovakika@magiclittlesquares, and @the_life_of_aviax. If you check out these accounts you can find anything from little kids floating on clouds, a living room under the sea, a grown woman sprouting wings and so much more. Their levels of creativity astound me and so I wanted to join in the FUN.

Luckily enough, a new hashtag project was recently created called #inspire_and_create in which the facilitators of the hashtag post a new theme each week and followers are encouraged to create a photo related to theme. I LOVE seeing everyone’s interpretation of the theme. Some are so simple and some are so complex, but all are awesomely creative. I’ve tried to push myself creatively on my own Instagram account and I’ve had so much fun with the challenge! I’ve taken wacky photos and made whimsical edits and it’s kind of become a new hobby for me. Even my husband has helped out on occasion!

But if I’m being honest, I’ve sometimes felt a sense of apprehension or embarrassment and a need to explain why I’m posting pictures that some might call crazy, but I call creative. I’ve thought about writing a long post to explain myself so that people wouldn’t think it’s so “weird”, but the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion of – SO. WHAT. This blog post is in and of itself a bit of an explanation, but also a little pep talk to me and also to you. 

If my fun photos perplex or bother you, then you can simply keep scrolling. But I really hope you don’t! I hope you take a moment to enjoy the suspension of disbelief that I’ve attempted to create or maybe just have a good laugh at the silliness of some of them. I’m just having fun with it and I hope you do too!

As children we are encouraged to imagine, to play, and to pretend. As we grow up, this is slowly phased out, and I have to wonder why? I’d say the reason “why” is only because as we get older we gain more responsibility and have less time to do things just for the fun of it. ALSO, people think it’s weird. 

And again I say, SO WHAT!? 

I think as adults we forget that we can do something just for the fun of it. We take ourselves too seriously and we put too much weight on our to-do lists. Maybe we need to start adding “FUN” to those lists because believe it or not, the more I create and have fun with it, the more productive and creative I become. I feel like I’m activating parts of my brain that have been asleep for far too long. 

This has become my creative outlet, my little mental escape. It’s no different than an adult coloring book or an intramural sport; it’s just a different way of having fun. I hope you have fun just for fun, but if you don’t, go ahead and add that to your to-do list 😉

Published by Ashley Rae

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm so thrilled you've found me! My goal for this blog is to provide you with thoughtful musings and pretty pictures - no, really - that's it. There may be some food along the way, but I won't have cooked it or I'd fear for all of us! I'm an old soul with many random thoughts and tastes and I hope to share those with you. I, like many of us, am on a journey to find my purpose and if any of my random musings help or inspire you then yay! I want everyone to know, learn, and embrace their individuality. I'm a big proponent of blazing your own trail (if that's what you feel is right for you) and I hope to inspire you to do so! My life has been quite the zig and quite the zag, but it's lovely. I don't think anyone could say I've done things the easy way or the normal way and that's a-okay with me! So join me and maybe we can find ourselves and our purpose together! -Ashley

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  1. Once again I love reading your blog. It’s very imaginative and I enjoy your “writing”. I mostly enjoy seeing you unleash a part of you that’s been lying there far too long. It makes me
    think about the whole notion of fun and that’s important. Thank you for sharing and putting yourself out there.❤️❤️❤️

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